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From Business Start-up to Financial Security
For Business Start-up Owners
For Aspiring Business Start-up Owners
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From Business Start-up to Financial Security
From Business Start-up to Financial Security

Take yourself from starting a business, to financial security in 3 easy steps.

Phase I: Map your Business to your Life

Start writing your business plan while you:

  • Fine-tune your purpose in life (and gain clarity about the future)
  • Develop or enhance your business vision to align with your personal vision
  • Discover how to balance work and life, and manage stress along the way

Phase II: Prove your Business Product viability

Continue writing your business plan while you:

  • Create or confirm a viable product or service
  • Test your product or service in the market
  • Clarify the true potential of your product or service

Phase III: Creat Long Term Sustainability and Growth

Complete your business plan while you:

  • Increase sales (and begin to enjoy financial security and recognition)
  • Develop short and long term business structure and form (and enhance business sustainability)
  • Manage your risks and finances, and lay out your financial controls (and increase financial security)

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* No promises of growth are made about your financial earnings except to the extent that you actually do the work as directed by your coach.  You do have to do the work to earn success.

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